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Are you moving?

Are you moving?

Three easy steps to save money when moving or hiring movers even if this is
your first time!

Read This before you go insane thinking about it.

When it comes to moving nobody wants to even think about it, it seems easier to just forget
about it. As you may well know already moving date will not go away.

This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to moving yourself or hiring a moving company.
Waiting until the last minute and hope for the best is not the strategy you want to take so here
are 3 easy steps that will make you feel like you have 100% control of your upcoming move
no matter the moving size.

1. Plan in advance!

What! are you kidding me? you are talking about
something I already know?

Of course you know it. the first step is that you have to organize and create an inventory
of the furniture you need to move, and I know this sounds like the most simple, boring and
overwhelming task when it comes to moving but is a total and undeniable must.

The best way to overcome this feeling is to start on one bedroom at the time, don’t think of your
move as the whole, think of it in parts, for example if you are two weeks away from moving
you can use the 1 day 1 room principal.

This is key to achieve an stress free move, is very important to start and finish one room and no
matter what happens do not worry or think about any other room in the house period.

Is important to point out that if you are hiring movers do not worry about the furniture or at least
big furniture for example your Beds, Dressers, Chest of drawers and nightstands do not worry
about it if you end up hiring movers. Your number one focus will be packing your closets and the
contents inside your furniture thats it.

Another important point that you need to know is, that the more organized you are the less time
your move will take in other words you will end up paying less way less for your move.

Here is a list of items that will make your move turn into a nightmare.

Open Boxes, Small picture frames, small kids toys, small table lamps, fragile glass, tools
Miscellaneous, Etc.etc.

Please please make sure you move this items yourself or pack them very good or the nightmare
of moving can come and haunt you. You can save between 2 to 4 hours on average if you
follow this first step, sometimes the movers can be slow but most of the time is the lack of
organization what makes a move and unforgettable bad day for you.

2. Follow the first step religiously. Yes Im deadly serious!

Here is the irrefutable truth, discipline and organization.

Here is the best way to pack your items in boxes.

Things you need to pack your small items will be:

Small boxes

medium boxes

large Boxes

packing tape

newsprint paper and

(bubble wrap)

if you like but no necessary.

Small boxes:

Glass, breakables and books will be pack on small boxes make sure you use newsprint paper
or bubble wrap to make sure your items are well protected inside the boxes.

Medium boxes:

Pot and pans can go in medium to large boxes this will need not many protection but is a good
idea to use some newsprint paper.

Large boxes:

Will work for bed sheets, blankets and pillows.

Make sure you follow the 1 day 1 room principal if you are a go getter 1 hour 1 room will work as
well but no matter what this is the most important step and there is no way around it. Almost

of people that move will overlook this important step and will wind up frustrated to the point of
almost insanity.

3. Last but Not Least.

Don’t forget about your utilities services is recommended to do it at least two weeks before
moving or as soon as you know your moving date is best.

The more you plan the better always make sure you make a list one for each task for example
packing will be one, hiring a moving company would be another and call your utility company
the last one.

Finish one thing at the time and do not start a new task unless you finish the previous one this is
a crucial step, if you follow the principles you will not get overwhelm period. The reason we get
stress is because we are doing one thing and think about another so we lose concentration and
start feeling powerless, I truly believe this small tips will help you achieve an stress free move,
thank you for reading have a wonderful moving date.

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