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terms & conditions

please read and let us know if any questions


  • Please read carefully through our terms and conditions. Customer agrees to all terms and conditions when booking a move with Metro Moving Company LLC.

  • If by any chance there were to be damages to your items, customer must pay the full amount owe to Metro Moving Company, LLC meaning the total amount of the move cost. Otherwise Metro Moving Company, LLC will not honor any claims period.

  • Metro Moving Company, LLC reserves the right to declined any claims for furniture, Tv’s and appliances damages if we are not allowed to inspect customer’s furniture or appliances before we move any items or if we are not allowed to protect furniture properly with moving blankets and plastic wrap

  • If customer furniture or items are being moved out of a storage facility, POD, any type of container, house garage, apartment garage, U-Haul or any type of rental truck, etc, And Metro Moving Company, LLC/Movers Are not able to inspect items prior to moving them, Metro Moving company LLC reserves the right to denied any claims for damages.

  • Metro Moving Company, LLC will not move open boxes. Before your move begins, boxes must be taped and sealed top and bottom otherwise those boxes will not be moved.

  • Metro Moving company LLC will not move the following items: Printers, personal computers, desktop computers, microwaves, open boxes, gas tank, lawn mowers, picture frames, table and floor lamps, air purifiers, vacuums, trash cans, cable boxes, modems, curtains, chandeliers, ceiling fans, concrete slabs, live plants, pets, fish tanks, plastic bags, glass shelf, loose cable cords, loose toys, unpack books, unpack clothing, unpack bed sheets, unpack glassware, water hoses, coolers, in other words anything unpack or loose we won’t move it. Please be aware that only close and sealed boxes will be moved. Hazardous and Combustible items like gasoline, oxygen tanks, lighter fluid, matches, nail polish remover, paints and paint thinners, other chemicals, charcoal, ammunition and fireworks.

  • Metro Moving Company, LLC will could denied a claim for damages of any items inside boxes or containers that were improperly packed by customer unless the boxes or container were physically damaged by the movers. All boxes and containers MUST be clearly labeled fragile if so.

  • HIGH / SENTIMENTAL VALUABLES: Often, moving day is stressful and people can forget to properly store items of high value before moving. All valuables will need to be kept with you and locked in a safe place. We ask that all your items of Extreme/High Value and Sentimental Value be put away and locked in a safe place before your move as we do not move these items. Common items that might have extraordinary value include jewelry, cash, coins, checks, currency, unique artifacts, custom made accessories, artwork ( wall or standing), furs, glass figures, musical instruments, precious stones and gems, precious metals, fine china, high value silverware, electronics ( game consoles, handheld games, GPS, iPods, iPads, headphones, smart watches, drones, R/C cars, Etc.), personal computers, printers, desktop computers, antiques, high end designer clothing and accessories (purses, shoes, jackets, belts, backpacks, Etc.) handheld devices ( cell phones, graphics/scientific calculators, Etc.), collectibles, collections, firearms, hunting equipment, swords, knives, power tools, tools, antiques, cameras, recording devices, floor lamps, family albums and any important documentation, open boxes, plastic bags, unpacked pictures frames, mirrors, Etc. These items will need to be transported in your own private vehicle and not be left out or accessible at your origin and destination address. Your Mover will ask if these precautions have been taken prior to entering the premises. WE WILL ASSUMED YOU MOVED THESE ITEMS PRIOR TO US ARRIVING SO NO CLAIMS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUNSTANCES PERIOD.

  • All items must be removed from entertainment centers, dressers, chest of drawers, file cabinets or any furniture piece with drawers or these will not be move in other words furniture must be empty.

  • CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Please verify if your building needs a Certificate of Insurance/Liability prior to your move date. We are licensed and Insured registered movers in the state of Texas, however we do not offer a certificate of insurance for buildings as this involves an increase of the moving price. If your building requires this certificate and we are not notified, movers will not be allowed to enter the building. 

  • When flat rate or fix rates options Metro Moving Company, LLC will only move furniture, appliances, tv’s or boxes, if is not on the list it will not be move.

  • Metro Moving Company, LLC is registered with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle and carries the liability of .60 cents per pound article for damaged goods. In case of a damage, a written claim is required in order to open a claim.

  • When moving appliances such as: Washer, dryers, refrigerator, stoves, freezers, dishwashers, etc, customers is responsible for the connection and disconnection of the appliances mention above. Metro Moving Company LLC, contractors, movers, or any representative will not connect or disconnect the appliances above. In the event that customers needed assistance with connection or disconnection, customer will assume full responsibility for any damages such as broken pipes, short circuit, electrical malfunctions, water leaks, gas leaks, flooding or any damages related to the connection or disconnection of the appliances and you as a customer must sign a waiver of liability.

  • TIME IS NOT GUARANTEED. Over the phone or email estimates are just that, estimates! The only way to really know how long your move will take is when we arrive at your pickup location. If you are on a budget please have the movers only move important heavy items such as beds, dressers, sofas, loveseats, appliances, boxes etc. avoid having the movers move plastic bags, picture frames, open boxes, small table lamps lose items that are not in a box properly pack as we know these items will make the move take more time in other words please be as much organize as you can.

  • Elevator must be reserve in advance to avoid damage to elevators from opening an closing when moving your items in and out. You as a customer/Shipper voluntarily release, discharge, waive and relinquish Metro Moving Company LLC, Movers, contractors, employees, or any representatives of the company from all claims or actions due to damages to elevators, You as a customer/ shipper will take responsibility for any damages to elevators with the facility or apartment complex.

  • When scheduling a move Metro Moving Company, LL will give customer an estimated window arrival time not an exact time of arrival. We will use any reasonable efforts to make sure we arrive within that window. Even in despite of our efforts, we could arrive late than our estimated time. There will not be any corresponding discount or deductions given. No Exceptions.

  • Metro Moving Company, LLC will not honor any guarantee or reimbursements if customer does not have a copy of our contract/bill of lading, is unable to prove that our company moved her/him or customer did not successfully completed the booking process.

  • During a flat rate move, customer acknowledges there will not be exchanges of any kind. Example: If customer wants to exchange a dining table and instead wants to move a china cabinet. Please make sure you know exactly what you are moving in advance. Our hourly rate is not guarantee, customer understands and accepts that the hourly rate proposal do not required the estimated number of hours to complete this proposal.

  • You acknowledge that if you fail to pay or not pay the total amount of the move(your move), you agree to pay the total amount of the move and in case of any litigation you will pay the cost of attorneys, lawyers, court fees plus interests.

  • Metro Moving Company, LLC reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Customer understands that any extra items or extra services that were not advised during the booking process will be in additional cost to the customer.

  • Customer must report any damages to Metro Moving Company, LLC in writing with in 90 days of delivery date and must include enough information for Metro Moving Company LLC to investigate the claim. Please inspect all your furniture after it has been moved before our movers leave.

  • Metro Moving Company, LLC will advised customer of the possible risk for damage when moving any furniture made or constructed partially or totally with particle board material, chipboard or engineered wood before the moving begins, as in most cases this will happen during the moving process with this types of materials.

  • Customer acknowledges they have read and agreed to our terms and conditions and also understand that will not be able to set up an appointment or book a move unless he/she agrees to our terms and conditions.

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